Project in the Dominican Republic

Project to set up a PET bottle sorting and export preparation center in the Dominican Republic

This project will not only make it possible to recycle plastic bottles by sorting and crushing them before exporting them for recycling, but also to provide economic support for isolated, unemployed and low-income local populations.

By buying bottles in large quantities and by weight from a local non-profit foundation, the latter will have the means to organize monthly meetings with the population and pay for each person’s contribution in detail, thus encouraging residents to take an active part in the ecological clean-up of streets, roadsides, rivers and the sea by recovering bottles, instead of abandoning them in the wild.

The recycling center will also play an important educational role for schools, showing them the possible second life of waste. Children will be able to visit the recycling center and learn how the plastic bottle recycling process works.

– Financial, technical and communication support

– Processing/Preparation of products for marketing

– Sales to international recycling channels

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