Company presentation


13 years of experience in the field of recovery of recyclable waste.
European customer network specializing in the recovery of materials or energy from waste (foundry, steelworks, crusher, granulator, paper mills)

Our values


Respect for
the environment

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Requirement for traceability of flows to guarantee optimal management of materials and waste rock.
Regular audit of the sector and customer sites to verify the correct implementation.


Commitment to sustainable development

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Partnership with environmentally friendly industrial companies.
Investment in environmental projects


of service

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Speed, efficiency and clarity of service thanks to a single, dedicated contact.


Customer satisfaction

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Personalization of your offer to meet specific needs.
Short payment terms


Professional Ethics

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Compliance with current environmental and safety standards.
Transparency in business transactions, honesty and integrity in all interactions with customers and suppliers.
Respect for social responsibility towards the community and the environment.

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Guide to Plastic Recycling Grades

Products and services

Strategy advice for the purchase and sale of metals, plastics, paper/cardboard, flow optimization (storage/logistics/export).
Trade (purchase/sale) of plastics (PET), Cardboard (OCC11/1.05..) ferrous / non-ferrous metals from industry (HMS1/2) – Brokerage
on large export sale of HMS1/2 by sea vessel ( 5,000 to 50,000 tonnes)
Search for recovery channels for all types of waste

Our clients

Specialized customers in Europe, USA, Asia…

Quality carriers




3rd Floor – 207 Regent Street,
LONDON W1B 3HH – United Kingdom

Company Number 14570325
EORI : GB091632512000

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